Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Not for Me

I have been running now for nearly 2 years; in that time I have slowly built up from 0 to 5k, 10k and half marathon distances with the latter being the most difficult in terms of requiring the most energy, focus, motivation, will power and raw determination to complete.  I have come to the conclusion following a long run last week that I always struggle to muster the required motivation or focus for the longer runs.  Yes, I'm sure if I persevere it will come, but the bottom line is that I simply do not enjoy running for long distances enough to warrant me continuing on with my current plan of reaching the Marathon distance.

I'm a bit disappointed that I didn't reach the full marathon distance but I can already feel the pressure that I felt I was under lifting.  I can no divert more time, energy and focus into hobbies that I currently enjoy more including golf, walking, cycling and photography.

So what about running?  I fully intend to continue running and I’m now looking forward to returning to more enjoyable and relaxing distances (10k and under) without the pressure of a plan.  I am also looking forward to adding some variation / cross training now that our work has access to the local gym and swimming pool at a vastly reduced rate.  I will also try to get back in the saddle of my bike to add some further variation.  These activities and training elements moving forward should enable me to maintain my fitness, loose some more weight (aiming for a comfortable 34” waist, currently at 36”), improve my core strength which still feels weak since by back injury earlier in the year and to enter the odd race up to and including the half marathon distance with the aim of beating my Personal Bests.

As always, I’ll keep updating this Blog with my progress and experiences as I go.