Sunday, 2 September 2012

Mixing it Up

The last 30 days or so has seen me record 16 miles of walking, 22 miles of running and 66 miles of cycling.  I'm still trying to work out when to throw the odd swimming and gym session into the mix to complete the set!  And most importantly, I need to find some time to play golf as it has seriously been neglected so far this year and I'm not exactly expecting great things from my last two society games of the season, although in my defence we haven't exactly had the weather for it!

The running mileage is down for the month, but I missed two running club sessions mainly due to our summer Holiday which I intentionally went on without my running gear, but to compensate I did manage to do some walks...

Although I clocked up a lot of cycling miles this month my bike has pretty much been condemned by the specialists so I'm not sure how much further its going to get me.  I spent more on new parts for it this month than what I originally bought it for to try and make the riding position more comfortable and that was before I was quoted an eye watering £85 to get the gears into better working order (almost twice what the bike originally cost me from ebay!).

So enough is enough, I'll try and eek out its usefulness for as long as I can, hopefully giving me enough time to decide whether its an activity I want to continue with and therefore enough time to save up for a replacement!  In addition to this, I will be continuing to run, hopefully upping my running to pre holiday mileage and trying to add more gym/pool work into my fitness regime to shed the last few pounds and inches around my waist whilst still finding time for some golf before winter sets in!

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