Sunday, 22 April 2012

Frustratingly, no change!

Back from holiday, back to work and still I'm off running thanks to my back and other injuries.  I had hoped to restart running this week, but that is now a distant memory after what appears to be a relapse.  I visited my Osteopath last week and after a couple of days things seemed to be heading in the right direction but then another injury appeared and then just to add more misery my back pain and lack of mobility came back with a vengence.  

Considering I ran a Half Marathon last month, I can't believe I'm not running after the great half marathon I ran last month @ Yeovil -  No fun at all when I'm itching to start running again.  I've even had to pull out of a work Golf society match that was planned for Friday!

Monday, 9 April 2012

Back off track literally!

My lower back decided to go into Spasm at the weekend, its been a fun couple of days of excruciating pain followed by the inability to move/walk normally, let along even think about running.  It's getting better but I need to take it easy as I'm jet setting off on an exploring Holiday on Thursday so I'm postponing any running until my return the following week.  

Then hopefully I will have a clear path in front to have a stab at marathon training again!