Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Year

Happy New Year to all my readers, here's to another 12 months of running blogs.  Well after a 3 week break recovering from my winter ills I completed my first run of 2013 today. Hopefully along with getting back to work this week I will be able to return to my normal routine of running around 3 times a week shortly.  

Last year was a bit of a mixed bags in terms of running achievements that was littered will ills and injuries.  My running highlight was probably the Yeovil Half Marathon back in March, an event that I hope to run (and walk) again this year although that will be my limit in terms of distance running as time available will be limited for a couple of years to come now that I am back in education hoping to achieve a Masters whilst still holding down the day job.

Other than that aim, I don't think much more weight is going to come off me but I intend to carry on running with more cross training this year through cycling, swimming and golf when time permits.  This will hopefully allow me to continue improving my fitness and hopefully tone away some of my more unflattering body parts such as my muffin top and to see whether I can reach my previous year's goal of fitting comfortably in 34" trousers.  I'm about 2" off at present especially after excess Christmas and New Year consumption with little exercise.  I'm holding off a Wii fit weigh in  until I'm at least back running 3 times a week.

I do intend on trying something different from this point on with my blog to try and evolve it by making it more interesting for both the reader and something else for me to think about and take my mind of the monotony and pain when I'm out running, mainly in Dorset and Somerset.  

To that end, I will be aiming to merge my photography interest with running.  I will be aiming to take photographs out and about and then include them in my blogs.  I'm hoping that it will make my blogs more interesting for the reader whilst providing me with a great opportunity to have an occasional rest and improve my photography skills.  To start, the following picture was taken at about 9.20am this morning.

New Years Day Run

Yes, the camera I will be using isn't all that great (Iphone 3GS, 3mb) but I don't need a good camera to work on shot composition and creativity.  I will add some effects like the one used in the photograph above in Flickr when uploading them to improve the overall look of the photographs if required to mask any compromises that I have had to make.  

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  1. Just seen that you have been continuing to do a blog Chris very good you've definitly got a very good way with words now.