Friday, 23 August 2013

Yay, completed C25K again.....

That's right, my final run today saw me complete the 9 week programme....again.  It was quite a difficult run to round of this week as I could still feel the effects of my 18 hole round of golf the day before and it was quite muggy.  I now intend to move on to Bupa's 10km training programme.

However, despite being back running now for 9-10 weeks, my knee is still not 100% right, more like 70% although its bearable when running for now and if I avoid bending it at extreme angles but this is the main reason as to why I've decided to start a 10k programme next as opposed to a 10 mile or half marathon plan.  Hopefully by the time I've finished this 7-8 week plan, my knee will be closer still to a full recovery.  If not, then it might require a return trip to the Doc's.

This plan shouldn't take too long though and I feel like I can miss a few weeks out as somehow the Nike+ GPS running app that I started to try again this week seems to think that I've run 3km more than my other apps.....I've tried to calibrate it today, but if it doesn't work I'm going to ditch it again and return to either Endomondo or Runkeeper which is a shame as their support on Facebook has been brilliant this week.  I've generally always used Endomondo and even bought the pro app but now the company appear to be moving quite a lot of the features behind a more subscription style pay wall hence my reasons for starting to try other apps again.  I used Runkeeper today as well as Nike+ to check the latter apps accuracy or lack of and quite liked it so will trial it out a few more times to see what I prefer moving forward.

I've been wearing a knee strap since starting C25K but truthfully I'm not sure whether it does anything other than get sweaty!  It doesn't hurt with it on so I'll going to keep it on for a while longer.

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