Saturday, 7 January 2012

Looking Forward

After a difficult run in windy conditions with lingering chest issues followed by a run with motivational and shoe issues this week I will be looking to stay with the maintenance theme for another week before recommencing my marathon training programme to allow my fitness to build back up.  However, the run yesterday despite the issues was my longest run in more than a month so there are some encouraging signs.  I am now looking forward to the rest of the year in terms of what I want to achieve:

Marathon - Due to my cold and running break before Xmas, I am now no longer on track to enter the Marathon race that I was heading for, instead I will be looking to complete the required distance as part of my current training plan in the first instance.

Personal Bests - I don’t expect to beat any Personal Bests of 10km and below this year with the exception of maybe the 1 mile as this may be beaten during my current programme’s Magic Mile runs.  However, those above 10km may be beaten in my marathon training and it will be interesting to see whether the run-walk-run strategy allows them to be beaten.

Weight - I don’t envisage much more weight loss in 2012, certainly not up to the same level in 2011 where I lost about 3.5 stones.  My aim this year is to lose about 6lb / 0/5 stones which will see me reach the middle region of the Ideal BMI scale for people of my height.  Thanks to a Xmas present I am also planning to visit to a Personal Trainer / Gym in Jan/Feb to see how I can tone my body a bit more and to see if I can pick up any running tips.  I'm hoping that this work will help me get into 34" waist clothing, I'm probably about 36" now down from 38/40" prior to starting running. 

Races - I am not yet fully convinced that I have entered and experienced a race that brings with it the gains in performance and enjoyment that they normally promote.  So, maybe I might have more luck in 2012 if I enter any...

Blogs – They certainly helped give my running more focus last year and they helped me to push through boundaries, so I will certainly be looking to continue posting about my running experiences throughout 2012.   I hope that they provide some insight into running and hopefully they show that almost anyone can get out and run.

It will certainly be an interesting year, lets see what I can achieve.  Happy New Year to all my readers.

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