Monday, 2 January 2012

Looking Back

Although I didn’t set out many running goals at the start of 2011 other than to just keep on running as I had only been running for a couple of months, looking back now I am really pleased with what I have achieved during my first full year of running:
  • Became a One Hour Runner (OHR).
  • Completed a Half Marathon training programme,
  • Successfully completed two races; a 5km trail run at Stourhead and the City of Salisbury Half Marathon,
  • Lost 3+ stone in weight which enabled me to reach the ‘ideal’ BMI state for my height,
  • Set some good Personal Bests for the 1 mile, 5km and 10km distances.
Towards the latter half of the year, I certainly felt like I turned from a beginner into a more experienced amateur runner, so what does 2012 hold for me running wise?  Check back in a few days to find out.

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