Saturday, 31 December 2011

MEElectronics M11+ In-ear Headphones

So, after being disappointed with the Klipsch Image X1's (Blog review) I decided to give the MEElectronics M11+ In-ear Headphones another go to see whether I had just bought a ‘dud’ pair before as to date they have been my best running headphones to date despite only lasting for 4 months the first time around!  They cost slightly more than the Klipsch X1’s at £20 and only came with a 1 year warranty so I will be making double sure in that period that I haven't received another pair of duds!

MEElectronics M11+ In-ear Headphones
They arrived very quickly and after reacquainting myself with them again in the office and out and about running they are performing admirably despite the recent miserable weather.  Compared with the Klipsch X1’s; the cable noise is extremely low and eliminated/unnoticeable when the cable is worn over the ear.  The M11+ headphones also stay in my ears a lot better, the cable has some memory character which helps keep them in place and they are easy to adjust out running to maintain their fit and isolation throughout the run.  I occasionally feel that the cable is going to slip away from my ear but due to the memory character in the cable this should improve over time.  The remaining cable fits nicely in my running armband.

iGadgitz Running Armband
The M11+ headphones came with about 10 pairs of ear buds of differing sizes so trying to find the optimum fit was easier than with the Klipsch which only came with 3 sets.  As a result, I have been able to achieve an extremely good fit and due to their size i.e. tiny and design they allow deeper insertion in the ear to further improve their external noise isolation, something the Klipsch X1’s struggled with due to the poor number of included ear buds, the larger housing size and their design.

The only minor negative with them that I have found so far is that there is a slight hiss present during quieter music (I believe this is more down to my budget smart phone though) and their music signature is more bass heavy when compared to the Klipsch X1’s.  This is fine for the music I listen too when running which helps me get into a good rhythm.

To conclude; I will definitely be continuing to use the M11+ out running and will be keeping the Klipsch X1’s for work as the poor microphonics are less of a concern when the cable rarely moves and the sound signature is more balanced.  I just hope that the M11+'s last longer this time around as I’m not sure I could give them a 3rd chance no matter how good they are!

For a more detailed review on the M11+ in-ear headphones, check out the Head-Fi forum thread which reviews in-ear headphones (Ref. 2C16 refers to the M11+ headphones).


  1. Hi,

    Nice review you provided. Can you tell me how good the bass is? is this deep, thumpy or hollow?

    I've just ordered Cowon E2 and for this only i'm going to buy a good earphone. I've Phillips and Dell's earphone but they don't sound good.

    Please advice me on this.

    Many thanks

  2. I sorry for the delay, the bass is quite thumpy I would say compared with other earphones I have tried.