Thursday, 22 December 2011

First run in over two weeks...

…thanks to a virus, however, today’s the day, I feel much better after my steroids boost this week to help open my airways; As a result I’m coughing less and breathing is less of a struggle and what with Christmas Day fast approaching I want to get back into Running sharpish as I haven’t run now for about 2 weeks as the virus entered my system and attacked my biggest vulnerability…my chest which unfortunately always leads to issues with my Asthma making any kind of physical exertion difficult. 

One bonus of not running, I have been able to finally finish the long overdue blogs pertaining to the earphones I have been testing over the last couple of months and they will be posted over the next week or so for a bit of light Christmas reading for anyone that is interested…

I have wanted to run every day of the last 2 weeks; the Wii Fit has been telling me 'frequently' that the pounds are piling on and it isn't even Christmas yet, so I have had to reduce my food consumption to compensate.  I'm now at the stage where I want to try and fit in a couple of easy runs before Christmas Day so I can relax more over the festive period and ease back into training.  Until the New Year, I will be looking to rebuild any lost fitness with a few steady runs when I can before I recommence my Marathon training programme.

So, today’s the day for my first running attempt in 2 weeks, my biggest running break ever since last December when the UK was covered in a blanket of ice and snow for several weeks…so, how much fitness will I have lost and more importantly will I remember how to run?

So after about 5km and 35 minutes of non stop running I think it went all right...I tried to keep it slow and steady but my body was fixed on 1 speed only today.  As soon as I started my legs felt heavier than normal, by the end of the run I was almost at the point of using my arms to keep my legs moving.  As expected, my chest was tight throughout so it was a battle to get enough oxygen into my body to keep my legs moving, whilst keeping my breathing under control.  By and large it mostly worked...however, by far the worst part was when I finished the run..

As soon as I stopped, I started coughing and it took a few puffs of my Asthma medication for my breathing to return to normality.  A nice refreshing shower and 5 minutes rest later at my desk I felt all the better for having run….honest!  Despite these troubles for a couple of hours at least after the run, my chest felt clearer so I think it was what my body needed!  Either that or the 10mg of Steroids I swallowed soon after worked really fast!

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