Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Winter unfortunately is finally upon us!

I can now see why running distance totals over the winter months are generally lower than the rest of the year and that people tend to concentrate on speed work as opposed to endurance at this time of they......because as soon as you step outside, you want to be back indoors ASAP!

Coupled with that and a bout of dental pain at the moment which seems to get worse progressively the longer I'm out in the cold I have no desire to run my long run of 10 miles tomorrow or until it warms up a few degrees and/or my dental woes subside.  

Therefore until either or these things happen, for the next few weeks I will not be sticking to my current training plan but instead I will be looking at just maintaining my current level of fitness and trying to keep as warm as possible!  This will nicely lead onto my next planned Blog looking at my current running Winter gear!

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