Thursday, 3 May 2012

Hopes of a quick return to fitness dashed!

My back wasn't getting any better without running and as I needed to regain my fitness and start building up some more core strength I decided to start running again this week…slowly. 

Monday (1st run) – It was OK however, no matter what I tried I just could not run slow.  However, when I stopped I realised everything wasn’t OK as my chest was extremely tight and I had to use my puffer to help my breathing return to normal.  This was expected though as it was my first run/exercise for over 4 weeks.  My back didn’t seem to problematic either as long as I kept sharp turns and inclines to a minimum.

Wednesday (2nd run) – This was different…breathing seemed easier and my back felt better but, my legs felt dead and it was a struggle to keep them moving.  Chest was tight on stopping but, not as bad as Monday’s run.  Too hot for a long sleeve top now though when the Sun makes a rare appearance.

Thursday (3rd run) – Prior to the run, back didn’t feel quite right but my breathing and legs felt normal…but unfortunately as soon as I started trying to run my back wasn’t playing ball.  I could feel my Back locking and Jarring after every stride and impact with the payment or with the grass verges making continuing extremely uncomfortable/painful.  So to avoid damaging my back further, I turned back and when I had finished I had barely managed a mile.  At least it was a slow mile….

So there we have it, that’s 4+ weeks now with back trouble and no real let up, even sitting down and typing this is painful at times!  The hope of being able to get back to normal has been dashed before it even began!  I’ll now leave it until Tuesday and if there is no improvement after a rest then I think it will be a trip back to the Osteopath for further treatment.  Here's hoping for some improvement soon...  

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