Tuesday, 5 June 2012

I was almost back!

Pun intended.  Its been almost 4 weeks since my last blog and I haven't posted as I didn't want to tempt fate as I was doing OK.  My fitness was improving albeit slowly and although my flexibility was still limited I was returning to some kind of normality by running 2 to 3 times a week and certainly last weeks runs had pushed the distance covered north of 4 miles which was the longest I had run since doing my back in.  I even attended a local organised running club run this week as I was up for trying something new to improve variety and motivation.  

It was all going so well then for no reason whatsoever, I could feel something wasn't quite right with my back on Sunday...a weakness, a twinge and then on the Monday and Tuesday its been much worse.  I've been keeping mobile but its just so frustrating!

I'm hoping its just going to be another blip and it won't keep me out of this game for too much longer as its been hard enough as it is to get back into a routine and I was almost there!

I'm planning a trip to the Osteopath soon which may help to speed up the recovery this time around and then promise myself that if I feel any twinges or issues with my flexibility/mobility over the coming weeks to go back despite the cost as it may keep another relapse away and give me enough time to recover some much needed core strength!

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