Sunday, 24 June 2012

Getting somewhere...

Right, after another osteopath session and no more serious injury issues I feel like I'm getting back into things a little better again despite feeling inadequate when running in the wrong group at my local running club this week.  When suddenly your running the fastest mile you've run this know that your in the wrong group and that pace over anything more than 1 miles is unsustainable!  

It's a shame because even when I dropped back to a slower group, they were still gunning it a little too much for my liking.  I hope this was just a blip and normal club support services resume next week as it was certainly the hardest run I've done in a while and I could have done without the fastest mile segment at the start which I might as well use for my most recent Magic Mile.  It took me quite a lot out of my legs and I didn't feel like running for the rest of the week!

I still want to try and get up to full marathon distance this year and I'm looking at attempting some longer runs shortly to try and get back into routine.  I've actually walked further the last two weekends then I've run for sometime so hopefully that work will help keeping me upright for longer when I attempt longer runs.

I still intend to use the Galloway walk break technique for the longer runs and the running club follows a similar technique with regular short stops to regroup which suits my style of running and helps me to enjoy them much better as they feel less of a slog!

Then if all goes well, I can start introducing some core strength exercises into my routine and perhaps some cycling commutes when the weather improves.  This week I'm looking at starting back at Week 15 on the Galloway programme but I will attempt the long run with the view of just seeing what I can do.  For this I'll plan a long 14 mile route but will ensure that if I'm struggling that there are opportunities to bail out if required.

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