Thursday, 1 November 2012

Nights drawing in

With the arrival of darker nights following the clock change and winter temperatures, one of the negatives of running in a running club at 6.30 pm has come to light (or not as the case may be). To that end I will decide each week throughout the winter as to whether I prefer to see where I’m going albeit on my own at run lunchtimes or whether I run with others in the club, but in complete darkness with poor street lighting and glare from car lights and reflections. 

I won't be able to completely avoid running in darkness this winter though as when I am working on my post graduate study at Lancaster University, the only time I can fit a run in is after 6 pm as I don't do early morning runs especially in the winter when there is a high chance of ice or slippery conditions.

Other than that, my running has been pretty steady since my last blog update, averaging between 8 and 12 miles a week depending on whether I manage 2 or 3 runs in a week.  

Because of my study I have introduced some new routes into my routine when away studying.  One particular route, involved a long climb to a wind turbine but was rewarded with views to Blackpool Tower and illuminations in the distance on the way back down, even the path of the M6 carving through the Lancashire countryside below looked serene in failing light.  

Unfortunately I didn't stop to take a photo but will endeavour to include more in the future.

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