Monday, 12 November 2012

Runner's Knee

Unfortunately, I find myself facing another injury this year and the biggest challenge since I starting running just over 2 years ago. If my self diagnosis is correct, which from looking at the symptoms I can’t think it could be anything else then it seems that I am suffering from runner’s knee. It started to play up 2 weekends prior and progressively got worse last week. I haven’t run again and I wasn't exactly running a lot before, averaging around 10 miles a week so I’m not quite sure what caused it. However, from examining the causes that can lead to the issue, I need to consider whether my running shoes were a factor in that they may have gone beyond their mileage resulting in a reduced cushioning performance which may have translated into higher impact on my knees.  In fact they can't be as I've only done about 330 miles in them since Mar 13.  The following sites provide some further information on the problem if interested.

It’s extremely frustrating and depressing, as the weather has improved and it hasn’t been raining but, now it looks like I’m going to have to avoid running on it for a while to give it the best chance of recovery. That means all my fitness is going to disappear and when I do start running again, my asthma is going to make it unpleasant for a while until my body gets back in the swing of things. Until then I need to do something that at least gives me a fighting chance of maintaining some of my fitness and to ensure that I don’t start piling on the pounds, especially with Christmas just around the corner and another week away at Lancaster University early in December scoffing hotel food and drink.

So I need to get a new routine up and running (no pun intended) if I am to stick at it. Thankfully, I have access to a cheap gym therefore I think swimming is my only option and leg/core strengthening exercises at the moment. So, I’m going to leave it a whole week of rest, then aim to start on Monday.

Monday Update: Started today on my new regime; jogged slowly to the pool (about 1 mile), swam for about 20 minutes continuously, got bored, ran back to work, some chest tightness as expected but, no adverse knee pain to speak of yet but only time will tell. If all goes swimmingly (no pun intended), will continue with this routine tomorrow and then Thursday. If all goes ok, I might alternate with cycling and other low impact activities before I gradually start to build up my running fitness again. The short runs to and from the gym will also help with this.

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