Sunday, 19 January 2014

Lancaster by night

Here's me, up at Lancaster Hotel for another week to participate in more MSc fun however, I'm billy no mates tonight and after a 7hr train journey from the South West with little to do I fancied getting out and stretching my legs with a nice little and gentle run around campus.  Somehow however, I managed to pull off a 11km fairly enjoyable run, my longest 2014 run to date; out under the M6, out into the wilderness, skirting around the edge of the Lakes, past a huge Wind turbine, back over the M6, through Lancaster and back to the Hotel.  Even stranger, up until the last km, the run actually felt pretty good, a far cry from my run on Friday where I just managed about 6.5km after what felt like an eternity with zero energy or motivation, that certainly wasn't a problem tonight!

I did take some nice photo's, well I though they were good until I came back to the Hotel and looked at ancient iphone 3gs just isn't cut out for taking photos in low light or anything for that matter.  Out of about 6 this was the best one......and it ain't great hence I've cropped it and kept it small.

Anyway, that's me done, off to get re-hydrated, some food and then finally down to some TV work!

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