Monday, 19 January 2015

Back to blogging

I completed my first run this year and my longest since Christmas Eve.  I know my better half told me to take it easy but when you are having a good run it’s hard to stop, well I was having a good run up until the point I turned back towards base; then it felt like a real slog to keep going.  

Anyway I completed the run and managed constant running for over 35 minutes so let’s hope I can keep the momentum up this time and remain free from illness and injury that plagued me in 2014 for long enough to at least allow me to meet some of my fitness goals in 2015 that I have had since I started this blog.

My main one being to reach a size 34” waist, then I can get into all the clothing I bought myself on the cusp of reaching this target before injury stuck probably sometime back in 2013.  Since then and due to Christmas, the resultant chocolate/cake stash that is still going strong and a glut of birthdays at work meaning lots of Cake, I have probably drifted to about 37”.  Still lower then when I started running but not where I want to be when I've got half my wardrobe devoted to clothing that's a little on the tight side.

Therefore, to help me with my goals and now that I have nothing to study following completion of MSc last year, I am recommencing my blog, hoping that they will provide me with added motivation in the coming months, especially through days like today when it was a nice temperature in my cosy office but bloody cold outside.

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