Monday, 2 March 2015

Lets try that again....

No sooner than the ink was drying on my first blog post of 2015 stating my aims and objectives for the coming year, I was struck down with not 1 but, 2 bouts of illness which after my first foray back into my running shoes basically set my progress right back.

In the latter stages of my recovery I was in the dangerous state of enjoying the fact that I wasn't running.  Thankfully though I managed to overcome that state of mind and start again.  However, if I can draw anything following the last few runs, it tells me is that its going to take a few more weeks until I am ready to tackle anything more significant.

I don’t know what it is but every time I stop for what ever reason it seems much harder than the time before to get back into running, to build stamina, to start pushing the distances and in getting my breathing back under control!  

It doesn't help that its still cold despite some early signs of spring and that the wind that has been around the last few days has really been punishing when running into it.  Bring on warmer and calmer weather!

Lets hope it doesn't take too long this time around and that I can remain injury and illness free long enough to accomplish the objectives I set myself at the start of this year at the very least.

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