Saturday, 21 November 2015

Picked up another injury somehow...

After narrowly missing out on a cold at half term I've now succumbed to an injury, barely a year after my last one that is one again preventing me from running without enduring serious pain in my foot.  I have no idea what I did other than it was sometime just over a week ago now.  In fairness I have had a 'good run' this year where I have been able to run consistently and build my mileage base.  Best I can hope for now after is a swift recovery to allow me sufficient time to start running again in preparation for the Yeovil half marathon in March next year.

In terms of the injury itself, I think it's just some inflammation on the bottom of my foot or to a tendon although nothing is showing at present.  Although I ran that day it was pretty uneventful and my new shoes have finally worn in so I don’t think it was running related at this stage.  It is more likely to have occurred during some spring cleaning at home where I probably manipulated my foot into an unnatural position which may have resulting in stretching the foot too far during some protracted cleaning activity.  The pain builds as I walk to the point that I have to take the weight off to relieve the pressure/pain.  It also feels that a hard lump forms under my foot which further adds to the discomfort.  Thankfully walking on the front portion of my foot offers some relief at the moment and driving is relatively painless and unfortunately fortunately as my work is desk based it isn't stopping me from doing that!

I think in the interim I certainly need to be careful in what I eat as I do not want to undo all the good I've done this year in getting my weight down.  This may prove more difficult though what with the silly season coming up as I already have 3 Christmas lunches planned in addition to my leaving meal at the end of this month as I transition to a new job.  At least when I do return to running I will have some new running routes to try out due to my upcoming new job; my first new job in over 11 years!

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