Monday, 13 June 2016

Poor Health

Apologies for not publishing a blog for some time, its not through lack of trying but, I have been suffering from a number of ailments this year (way more than usual) which has stopped me from running for quite a number of weeks now (Mid Apr). I suspect a change in asthma medication (from Seretide to Fostair) last year is partly to blame; something I will be trying to rectify at my next review later this month.

I had hoped last week after a steady commencement of a few short runs that the tide was starting to turn in terms of my health and that I would be able to start gradually improving my fitness and reducing the weight that has piled on.  Frustratingly it wasn't to be as I was struck down with something horrid on Thursday and now any movement causes me a lot of discomfort even with just walking or trying to stand up straight so I think it will be a little while before I can resume running again.

In the mean time and when able I will continue overhauling my Bike as since my last blog (Nov 15), I have moved jobs and location but unfortunately this has reduced the routes that I can run in a lunchtime to about 2. Therefore to try and diversify my exercise and to improve the variety and number of routes I can gain access to at lunchtimes I have been trying to fix my bike.  I say fix as it was pretty much abandoned at my previous work location and has suffered from weathering for a good number of years pretty much outside with zero use as there were plenty of variety in my running routes compared to now.

The overhaul is going pretty well (thanks to YouTube) considering I had virtually zero experience and always gave it to a shop to deal with in the past but I fancied the challenge this time around. It's almost there I feel for a road test once I can get past my current bout of poor health and get around to fixing the gear cable that snapped last week during adjustment.

When I do get back into running (hopefully this year), I will continue to use the subscription of Zombie Run that I started this year; another iphone app to throw into the mix of music to try and help with my motivation.

I have also switched my main running app since my Nov 15 blog to Runkeeper, although I still use endomondo as that has my stats since I started running so I'm reluctant to stop compiling that data.  I'll cover this is a later blog to help me think through what I want out of an app to help me ditch one of them as what with starting Spotify, Zombie Run, then Runkeeper and Endomondo it take more time to start and stop running :).

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