Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Motivation in Crisis!

Rapidly losing the motivation to run/finish runs at the moment.  I'm not sure whether it’s the current 1/2 marathon training programme (less than 3 weeks left), the same old running routes or the prospect of winter runs that are fast approaching.  Whatever the cause, unless I manage to overcome it, running for 13.1 miles on race day in less than 3 weeks time might be a tad difficult!

I tried to stem the loss of motivation by attempting a Fartlek session today to try and break up my running and to also to try and make running more ‘fun’. Farlek translates to 'Speed Play' in its original/native Swedish tongue so I hoped it would be the variety I need to make motivation not an issue in some of my speed sessions but I'm not sure whether I enjoyed it as I prefer a bit more structure to my runs. I'm going to have to look at this type of session in my next programme to see how I can make it work/more enjoyable.

I have also taken it upon myself to investigate joining a gym/leisure centre to introduce more variety in my routines and to enable me to train in a controlled (read warmer) atmosphere rather than in upcoming freezing winter & wet conditions.  Downside with these sessions like swimming, is that I won't be able to track the sessions on Endomondo, but I should hopefully see improvements in the remaining outside runs that I do complete as cross training should improve my aerobic fitness and hopefully tone up some areas of my body that have yet to see the full benefit of my weight loss from running.

I’m still unsure as to what to do post the current programme despite what I manage to achieve on race day i.e. if I have to walk some of the way, then so be it although it would be a bonus to manage a consistent 13.1 run!

I’m at the stage where I am not that keen on running for long periods of time (more than 6/7 miles) as I get bored even when listening to music, but somehow a Marathon might appeal, so I may look at adopting a Jeff Galloway approach to this training to see how I get on.  This technique, introduces a run/walk routine which enables faster recovery during and post runs and can improve speed/running durations.  My only concern if I go down this route is that I would lose the ability of consistent running which I have managed to get to 12 miles so far in the current programme and the sense of accomplishment that I get when I do complete a run composed of all running which I’m not sure I would get if I run/walk however it may improve my motivation/performance so it might be worth it...

That's enough of motivational images for now... If anyone has any comments, suggestions or inspirations that I may benefit from, please feel free to add them through this blog, reply with a tweet or if you must as a last resort via Facebook.

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