Monday, 5 September 2011

Second run after the wall...

...Okay, I'll stop with these types titles after this Blog :)

Did a 55 minute tempo run today (20 minutes warm up followed my 20 minutes at a tempo pace with a further 10-15 minutes to cool down).  Pushed it a little today after my better run yesterday gave me some confidence back and managed to get to 5 miles before finishing my session today in 54 minutes.  My breathing was also under control almost immediately and I felt much more comfortable and stronger today although the tempo was tough in places, I managed a much better pace overall bringing 5km under 30 minutes (average 10:27 min/mile including as always my pre and post run walk to warm up/cool down).

Stay tuned, I hope to publish a Blog on 'Why I started running' this week.

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