Friday, 2 September 2011

Why start Blogging Now?

Why now you ask create a Blog when I've already been running for a little over a year (13 months to be precise)!  Well that's a good question, probably because I hit what runners refer to as a 'Wall' today in what I hoped would be my longest run to date (10 miles), I'll report more on that in my first 'proper' blog.  

Anyway, I thought a Blog might help me explore my current hobby better and help others who might be thinking about giving running a shot.  I'm going to aim to keep the posts short but frequent on topics ranging from my experiences so far, where I want to go with running and features on various subjects predominately around the subject of running i.e. running equipment, clothing, hydration/energy products, published articles.

Finally to end my first post/Blog I'd like to thank my better half who also created a Blog recently which got me thinking on creating one for my hobby and for supporting me in my endeavours even though I should really listen to her advice more often especially as she has been running for longer than I have!

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