Friday, 9 September 2011

Someone Has Soiled the Air!

That's week 9 (out of 12) of my Half Marathon Training Programme done and dusted with a final run of 5 miles completed earlier today (approx 19 miles completed this week) which was good and solid but didn't fill me with great confidence about more than doubling that distance next week and there was a little something in the air today that made the run interesting....

In preparation for my 12 mile (gulp) run next Friday I went out in my run today looking for inspiration for a flatter route then the one I attempted during the run that won't be named again last Friday.  It was flat for 2.5 miles and then I had to turn around as my run today was only 5 miles.

The final 12 mile route will need a bit of fine tuning over the next few days which i'll do on Runkeeper where you can create routes and examine the profile i.e. is it flat, but early indications seem to show that it will be flatter then the one I attempted last Friday (phew).

Once the route is sorted, I just have to hope for better weather conditions.  I know a lot of people are holding on to the hope of an Indian summer before Winter arrives, but for running longish distances I much prefer cooler weather with a hint of moisture in the air if possible!  Similar to Swimming, when I do go for a session, I like getting into a cold pool and then warm us as I get going.

Back to the air.....the route today and the longer route next week takes me very close to a local sewage treatment plant, so it will be interesting to see whether my Pace stays the same during that segment next Friday.  Again, depending on conditions, the sites aroma could end up lasting a good chunk of my run, a clothes peg might be in order.

A couple of years ago this wouldn't have been a problem but following an operation to fix some problems in my nose 2 years ago, which slightly improved my non-existent taste and smell, something that further improves when out running didn't really do me much favours today.

Update 10 Sep - Wii Fit says I've lost a further 3lb this morning from the same time last week.  I've set a new goal now to get down to the middle of the BMI Ideal range, only another 14lb to go.

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