Friday, 30 September 2011

Too Hot for running...

....damn this Hot weather.  I must be the only one in the country today who’s wishing this hot weather would just go away!  I left for my long run today at around 12.40pm......big mistake!  

The sun had its chance and it failed over summer, now buzz off and let those training for a Half Marathon get back to not feeling like they are going to die after what should have been a fairly straight forward 6 miles at my planned half marathon race pace.  So much for supposedly being fit enough to do another 6 miles afterwards!  I was lucky enough to keep on running and not stop at the 4/5 mile point as by then the heat had burned away all of my motivation and boredom set in.  I was running with someone therefore I had no music or other distractions to fall back on, no idea how I managed to reach the end!

However as I started to recover after lunch and a lot of water....on reflection apart from the heat (which hopefully will be gone by next Sunday), it was a good solid run at a good pace, slightly too fast but when running without headphones/with someone else it was difficult to pick up on my lap times which normally would allow me to adjust my pace to suit.  Despite how tired I felt I still feel ready for next week’s half marathon as long as normal weather service is resumed ASAP…else I will be in deep trouble!

Other news in week 12 of the plan...completed a 48 minute (4.4 miles) recovery run on Monday, followed by a 42 minute tempo run on Tuesday (4.2 miles) and a 30 minute Cross training swimming session on Wednesday.  I used to swim every week but even 30 minutes was enough this time although the environment was much better as I paid the extra 25p the visit the more modern swimming pool this time around.

So as a round up, that’s Week 12 complete, 1 week to go ending on the Half Marathon next Sunday (gulp!) where I haven't gone for sponsorship this time around, a percentage of the proceeds from the entry fee do go towards the Fire Fighter charity.
...still no real clue as to what training plan I will be following after next weeks race other than resting!

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