Saturday, 22 October 2011

New Goal...

...right it took some time but, I've now decided on my new goal and with that a new running plan which will give me all important structure to my runs over the next few months!

I've concluded that I'm not built for speed as the increased cardio/effort required doesn't seem to suit my aims of keeping my breathing under control in order to keep my asthma at bay during runs but, I've  also concluded that I'm not built for endurance either as I struggle with the longer runs in terms of keeping myself going mentally....however, I had to focus on perhaps fool heatedly this time around I've decided to focus on endurance and build on my Half Marathon and go the whole hog....and aim for a Marathon... it seemed silly to me (or it did at the time) to reduce my distance when I've already built up my mileage to half of what is required.  If I feel like I have a shot, I will be entering the North Dorset Marathon on 06 May 11.

For the plan I will be using Jeff Galloway'swhich lasts 32 weeks and is based on 3 runs per week which is what I want to reduce down to after fitting in 4 runs a week with the Half Marathon plan.  However, the flexibility remains to fit in cross training activities if I can be bothered required.  The plan consists of 2 x 3 mile runs plus a long run which will vary from 3 to 26 miles over the next 32 weeks. 

This time however, I do not intend to run the the whole way, I intend to use Jeff Galloway's technique of a run/walk combination for the longer runs which can improve running times and help with recovery and I'm hoping that it will help me in terms of keeping going which I have struggled with in the past.

When I was thinking what to do next, the walking aspects did worry me as I have always seen walking as a failure in runs, however if they are scheduled walks which will help to improve my running and recovery then I'm willing to give them a try.  I feel that as I have run 13.1 miles non stop, I can now try to enjoy my runs more and this technique might give me the opportunity to do so.

So I will see how it goes in terms of its stated goals and how well the technique suits me and my plodding style.  I am also hoping that this technique will help keep my mind focused on the longer runs which can be broken up into manageable chunks.  In addition to building my mileage base I am hoping that this plan will allow me to get down to my target weight of 13 stone (8lb to go) and improve my 5km and 10km times.

Thursday saw the completion of Week 1 despite suffering with breathlessness which left my tight chest which didn't help me keep my breathing under control and as a result I struggled with even the 3 mile runs....

....I also used my 'puffer' more times than I did in the entire Half Marathon so I'm hoping that this cold doesn't get any worse and disappears soon and before I attempt a Magic Mile in a few weeks times which will help me determine my expected pacing over the programme.

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