Saturday, 8 October 2011

One run remaining....

That's it! All the runs in the last 13 weeks have been completed bar one.  This is the final post before tomorrow's Half Marathon at Salisbury and the last run of my current training programme.  The preparation this week I feel has gone well, I just need to eat and drink the right things over the next 24 hours, then just simply turn up and run my own race.  Weather and conditions are looking good but a far cry from the weather last week which is a relief (sorry everyone else).  

I'm a little stiff today, but that is due to a round of golf yesterday but hopefully that will ease over the day/night, but then I've been roped into a Skittles evening tonight, unfortunately not the candy variety, so I'm hoping that doesn't cause me any last minute problems, just need to take it easy from this point onwards.

My last run was on Thursday and it started off freezing, coldest run since the end of the last winter and windy too, scrabbled around at home trying to find by long sleeve base layer but then I remembered it was in work....I had to go out in shorts and t-shirt, the first 10 minutes was a battle in getting warm!  

Well it wasn't that cold but it felt like it after last weeks weather!
Last tempo run was on Tuesday and I kicked of last weeks running with an easy 40 minute session on Sunday.  I varied the times I ran this week as I've never run more than 4 miles on a Sunday or that early in the morning before.  I aim to do a full race report on tomorrow's run, wish me luck and hope to post it to this site either tomorrow evening or Monday morning.

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