Thursday, 17 November 2011

The 10k One Hour Barrier

After seeing what the Magic Mile predicted my 10k time to be (58:42), a long way from my current Personal Best of 01:02:30;  I decided to treat today's long run (6 miles) to mark the end of Week 5 of Jeff Galloway's Marathon training programme like a 'race' with a single aim, to break through the one hour barrier for the 10k!

After some stretches and a 5 minute warm-up walk I was ready....unfortunately, it was a horrible run from start to finish and I didn't enjoy!  It was really hard to try and maintain a consistent fast pace, it had to be less than 10min/mile if I was to have a shot at breaking through the barrier today.  My breathing was all over the place, I just couldn't get it under control and as a result I struggled breathing throughout and had to have a few puffs of my drugs along the way to keep my asthma at bay...

...but, it was worth it (I guess) as I managed not only to break the one hour barrier for the 10k but, smash through it and even beat the latest Magic Mile prediction!

...and as a bonus I smashed my current 5k Personal Best too so I'm on top of the world at the moment!  My new personal bests for 5/10k are as follows:

5k - 26m 46s
10k - 56m 32s

I certainly won't be looking to beat those in a hurry!  It's now a good time for me to draw a line under running flat out on the longer runs and see what effect the Jeff Galloway Run-Walk-Run strategy will have on the times, specifically the 10k+ times.  My first attempt at this strategy will be in 2 weeks time as December looms ever closer.

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