Wednesday, 30 November 2011

A Run of Two Halves…

Picture the scene... the fine rain that gets you wet coupled with howling cold wind.

Once I had accepted the fact that I was going to get wet regardless, I set off on my run yesterday which I intended hoped would be an easy one due to my longer run (7.5 miles) planned for later in the week however, the weather did not make it easy one bit!

In terms of raining on runs, I much prefer it when it starts to rain mid run as in most cases it’s a refreshing distraction (especially in the warmer months) but, starting to run when it is already pretty bleak, another sign (like we need any more) that Winter after a short let up has finally arrived and is in full swing is a different matter.

However, surprisingly the run started off really well, the wind was behind be spurring me on, almost pushing me to go faster.  I felt efficient in my strides, relaxed, comfortable and my earphones were doing a decent job of staying in the right place despite the winds best effort to dislodge them!

Then half way around, I started turning into the wind and rain...and my winter running earache reared its ugly head making the run become miserable.  I know I could wear a hat...but its not quite cold enough for them yet and I find they give me a headache (catch 22)!

At that point, I just wanted the run to be over, especially after I reached a clearing and the respite from the weather that I had managed to find under trees/near buildings disappeared….then the thought of hot shower and a warm office building at the end of the run was all that kept me going.  

Thankfully, back in the warmth my earache all but disappeared...well until my next run in this weather anyway....

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