Friday, 25 November 2011

Earphone troubles

I recently had to return my faulty MEELectronics M11+ pair of earphones which lasted just over 4 months which is a real shame as they were excellent apart from a slight hissing noise at higher frequencies but that was more down to my el cheapo phone (ZTE Blade / Orange San Francisco) than anything else.

It was starting to become a real challenge in trying to find the right pair of earphones for running without paying the earth! I already pay much more for my headphones then most people would even consider (around £15-20) as I like good quality earphones with good sound, good isolation to block out unwanted environmental noise i.e. cars, are comfortable to wear and have good microphonics i.e. low cable noise.

I have tried 'low' cost headphones in the past, recently I tried an ‘Expect’ pair from Amazon which only cost £6 but, I think it’s a case of you get what you pay for as the sound was poor and they just wouldn’t stay in my ears when running so they have been ditched.    

To find the right pair, I undertook some fairly extensive research over on the Head-Fi forum and other review websites to find and buy the right one's but unfortunately after trying them out, they were a huge disappointment so I had to rethink and buy a second pair.

Therefore, over the past 2 weeks I have been testing out not one as originally intended but, two new pairs of earphones for running, reviews for both in no particular order will be up shortly with conclusions as to whether my search for the 'right' earphones are over....well for now anyway.

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