Friday, 4 November 2011


Either I had the best run yesterday where I beat all my personal records up to the 8 mile mark or my GPS tracking was glitched to hell!.  Unfortunately, the pace was too good for it not to be the latter.....d'oh!.

The majority of software has glitches/bugs; it’s just ironic that I had stated in my last post that I picked Endomondo as it was the most reliable out of the running GPS applications that I tried!  I hope it was just a 'one off' glitch and that it will clear after a hard reset, we will see next week!

Unfortunately that wasn't the end of my troubles that I encountered on my run yesterday - My ‘backup’ earphones were a disaster!  They wouldn't stay in my ears for more than about 10 seconds no matter where I ran the cable which led to an extremely interrupted run in which I could't settle into a rhythm or get into a 'zone'.

I desperately missed the shirt clip, isolation and the 'fit and forget' features from my MEElectronics M11+ in-ear earphones which I had returned faulty earlier in the week and I have yet to find a suitable replacement which will last more than 4 months.  Maybe my old Klipsch earphones weren't so bad after all as they did manage to last for over a year...  

If that wasn't enough, I'm still suffering with something which only really rears its head when I'm out running.  It exacerbated my asthma, causing my chest to get tight and chesty which makes it extremely difficult to control my breathing and relax into my run.

Apart from all of that, the run wasn't that bad, my longest since the Half Marathon, but it would have been much better if I could actually analyse my 'actual' performance on Endomondo!

Well that's week 3 out of the way, finishing on a 6 mile ish run yesterday, only another 29 weeks of the Marathon programme to go.  I've just ordered the accompanying book to the programme to help me better understand what I need to do in terms of the run-walk strategies and how to run a Magic Mile which I need to do next Thursday instead of a long run.

I also bought a long sleeve base layer in preparation for the winter so hopefully this spending splurge will carry on as I still haven’t got around to buying new shoes or tights.  Admittedly the weather considering has been pretty mild considering the time of the year, so perhaps when the weather returns to normal i.e. cold, then it will speed up my purchases!

Update:  Just purchased some replacement in-ear earphones, the Klipsch Image X1 / S2 for £14.99 on Amazon and a 99p shirt clip from e-bay, so I will see how well I get on with these over the next few months.  There is a 2-year warranty with the earphones so that gives me some hope that they will last longer this time around.

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